About the DPS Property Services.

Executive Summary

We have over 100 years combined management experience

DPS Property Services delivers high quality reliable cleaning services with a focus on driving innovations and adaptable improvements as needed. We offer high quality cleaning services to all our customer. Our key point of difference is our quality management system and our personalised service approach whereby our owners are actively involved in the day to day operations by visiting customers and cleaning teams after hours. Our goal is to align ourselves with like minded customers where service and safety is the cornerstone of good business.

Company Overview

DPS Property Services is a family owned customer focused company that is based in Melbourne.

We have invested in business management systems that continually pushes the boundaries in service excellence and actively involve a third party to audit our performance so that we can continually improve our service to our valued customers.

Value Add and Our Point of Difference

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing superior value.  We achieve this by:

Customer Service: We aim to provide a boutique service to selected customers.  This is achieved through our focus to remain a boutique service provider whereby the owners can actively maintain contact with our loyal customer base and continually provide exceptional service.

Quality: With a philosophy “if we can measure it we can improve it” we have invested heavily in web based quality monitoring.

Direct line to owners: We don’t let our business run itself, if you look for us you will see the business owners on a regular basis making sure that the service and quality are continued on a day to day basis.  We are passionate about our provided services and your contract is an extension of our family.

Environmental: We can provide environmental services to improve our clients environmental performance and increase waste diversion.
Tailored Cleaning: We are happy to work with you with any tailored cleaning that you require, your needs are our job.

Company Overview.

At DPS we are constantly striving for new ways to improve our service, part of which is our attendance at the World Building Conference to remain at the forefront of the cleaning industry.

DPS Property Services continues to grow due to our strong, long term loyal customer base that will testify to our ability to deliver a consistent and highly personalized service.